A Case Of You (2013) Review

When I seen this film was directed by Kat Coiro I had high hopes for this film and I knew it would be quaint. If you haven’t heard of Kat before, she was introduced to me through her Short film Departure Date – a somewhat promotional video for Virgin Airlines. Departure Date, I really, really enjoyed the quirky storyline but A Case of You takes that to a whole new level.

The story is about this struggling writer Sam who is trying to come out of the writing a book based on a film thing by writing his own novel based on his love interest in the Barista Birdie. He goes onto cyber stalking her – relate-able, there is no denying that we all do this – he finds out all of her likes, favourite books, music, hobbies and turns himself into her ‘ideal man’ but can he keep this act up? From an emotional standpoint it has a very Catfish type of storyline, which nowadays is a familiar topic.

Sam is living his life to impress this girl whilst simultaneously struggling to write this book. So the only logical thing to do is to base the book on his ‘fake life’. He writes as a third person, taking note of the things they do together. The idea of changing for someone and writing about it seems a little bit bittersweet. I think the overall narrative is very strong, which makes it work.

So its romantic, however when introduced to Sam’s flatmate I laughed so much. To kept it short, this film is ‘A bittersweet modern day tale of life and love.’

I love the way that through Sams’ writing, the publishers tell him what he needs to do to fix his relationship with Birdie.

Of course, the main reason I watched this film was because Sam is actually acted by the gorgeous Justin Long!

Lets just take a moment to notice how pretty this boy is!

Endless Love, 2014 (Review)

This film offers everything you would expect of a film in the Romance genre. It has the hot leading male (Alex Pettyfer) and the shy pretty girl (Gabriella Wilde). Ten minutes in and I have already laughed, smiled and said ‘awh cute’ about five times. The storyline is the common boy meets girl but the way it is told is something so refreshing.

Jade is this quiet, intelligent girl who worked hard to get into Brown University. David appears to be the tough type who messes around. However instead of the story beginning with this is the girl’s life/guys life it actually begins as him telling the story and how he really likes the girl.

She drops her yearbook, he picks it up. She plucks up the courage and utters a few words to him ‘can you sign this?’  and the two characters have finally spoken face-to-face. After leaving David to his valet job, his friend Mace (Dayo Okeniyi) begins to tease him about Jade in true bromance style.

As this film progresses it mixes comedy with the romance. Once I saw the trailer, I thought it will be a heartbreaker but the bromance between Pettyfer and Okeniyi is hilarious and a brilliant way to separate this film from say Safe Haven, The Notebook…well basically the whole Nicholas Sparks stuff.

I am quite surprised that this has only scored a 6.2/10 on imdb, its got everything you require from a rom-com, what more could you ask for? There literally is nothing more you need from this movie.

Oh and …


161MC: Professional Development (Blog 3)

The third should reflect on your professional development (e.g. investigate how social media might enhance your profile as a media producer or how creating a professional ID has ‘upped your game’)  

Before getting practical with this project I saw myself as a producer, however I knew that I wouldn’t have the confidence to be in such a verbal based role. As the weeks past I looked back on why I never tried to be a producer because weeks into this project I had grown a lot in confidence. Alongside developing my personal confidence, I developed a professional personality to my role in the studio.

The weeks leading up to the actual Live filming day of DLC did not alter my personality or attitude to be a professional. I think this was because I was still learning about the studio and my role as camera 2. For these weeks I was in the mindset of a media student, rather than in the mindset of media professional.

When filming the TV Programme live on Friday, I felt like there was a massive change in my behaviour. I wanted to do a really good job, not just for my team but for myself. Acting as a professional, as someone who did this as a living made me reflect on if I could see myself working in a tv studio in the future.

Once the show was all set up and we began to film some takes of DLC it was almost an instant reaction for me to be professional. I got dressed up for the part, I put more of an effort into the production itself and felt a change in the way I did things – I set up as normal without needing help and when my camera went out of focus I played around with it until it was fixed. Maybe it was because everyone else around me was taking this serious or it was because it felt too familiar to me not to take it serious, either way, within doing this project I have became that step closer into being a professional.

161MC: Demonstrate Understanding of Impact (Blog 2)

In today’s society a lot of  media has gone digital, this meaning films, newspapers, TV Shows all have an online existence of some sort. Nowadays it is so simple to log on to YouTube and watch full length films, its even easier to read news from the online versions of Newspapers. This being because they are free and you don’t have to move, except for pressing a few buttons on a smartphone or a mouse click on a laptop.

Since the majority of media is online, this impacts the production of any given media product. An example of this impact is with our TV Shows and their pairing websites. The show is effected because you want to be able to interact with the audience and the only way to do that is by going online. When online the world really is your oyster because there are so many platforms to share a production to the world. Socially by Facebook, Twitter and now on both Pinterest and Instagram who allow you to upload short video clips. Or on Vimeo or YouTube.

With our show ‘DLC’ it was vital to mention ‘hashtag DLCTV on twitter’ because then you are giving the audience a reason to interact, to have a choice with the show’s content. Vice versa, with the website it is important to feature more than just the show but extra content as well, otherwise what reason does anyone have to visit the website if they can watch the show on TV?

There are lots of ways to tell a story, but who decides that story is now in the hands of the audience. The way to share that story is in the hands of the whole internet via social media.




161MC: Demonstrate Engagement: Blog 1

For the purpose of this blog post I am going to discuss my creative process with the Wix website.

Once our team’s theme was decided on ‘Weird and Wonderful’ I began to think about retro designs that could feed into either the set design of DLC or my Wix website. It was a difficult thing to think about because weird and wonderful was such a vast theme that could be played around with.

The following week, when we decided to do a show about entertainment, in particular cosplay and comic books I had an idea of a space element for the webpage.


Previous Header – Space ‘stars’ background 

When creating a Wix website for DLC it was vital to research other TV magazine show’s own websites to see how they branded themselves online. It was a recurring theme in websites like The One Show and Blue Peter to stay loyal to the brand, i.e: to have a colour scheme and to throw the brand’s image into the audience’s eyes.  The One Show are consistent with the Red and White colours and Blue Peter with the Blue and White.

Changing the Homepage

DLC never really had a logo until late on and even at that, it was black lettering.

I had a play around with colour schemes until I settled on…

Contact Page

Red and Yellow colour scheme (Contact Page)

Throughout the design of this webpage I played around with a comic book theme to suite the aesthetic outlook of DLC however I really struggled with what content to put in and how to present it. re-looking at The One Show’s page I noticed their homepage mentioned a bit about the show and was a lighter background – making the content stand out more.

A complete change, after studying BBC's The One Show page.

A complete change, after studying BBC’s The One Show page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 18.54.37

The previous message on the ‘DLCod’ page of my website – before filming the show!

I didn’t actually like The One Show’s homepage. I thought it was very limited, there wasn’t really much on it that made me say ‘oh thats interesting, I’ll have a look at this website’. This made me wanted to add more to the homepage, since this page will be the first page anyone looks at.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 22.24.01

I really liked this background, it fitted the cosplay theme really well and by adding a stroke effect on the text the background didn’t hide the words.

I added more interactivity to the homepage to try and lure the audience in to play around with it. There is a slideshow of Competitions and Events and a video relating to Superheroes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 00.43.00

The Gallery (under DLCod page)